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The Social Within The City

“The Social within the city” is a research project funded by NPN Stepping Out. A smartphone app that turns your city into a digital venue. Built around a shared interest to bring people together in different parts of the world. The Social within the city creates empathy through sharing. Projects are built at the intersection of game design, urban architecture and individual histories.

Concepts In Planning

City Grooves, curated playlists to navigate a city.

Groove alone and receive new tasks each time you complete the playlist. Groove in a group, find out when, and groove together, either together in the same city or in any location.

Mobile Cairo. A trans-spatial journey through Cairo.

Move through the histories and sounds of Cairo, while in a different city. Fuelled by the embedded and embodied stories of the city.


Original Concept: Douglas Bateman
Artistic Direction: Hend Elbalouty, Maria Mercedes Flores, Douglas Bateman
Digital Development: Amanda Baker & Nicole Goertzen
Production: Fee Josten
Financial Supporters
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The Social Within The City © 2022
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